Chairman Message


Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan chit funds pvt ltd, a Government registered chit fund company founded in October 2008 by a group of financial experts with a vision to become the biggest financial, cultural and social institution in Tamilnadu. Our business philosophy is designed to help and protect themselves against a temporary or permanent loss of livelihood, which everyone undergoes in his lifecycle. It is the savior of middle class, people who are always feeling shy of approaching banks/money lenders in times of needs. Similar is the case of small business men whose investment is small and duration of business is daily/weekly. Unless somebody like our chit company comes to their rescue , they will easily be exploited by the money lenders who usurp their earnings through compound interest and collect the money back by intimidation and extortion. Because of such people many families were totally wrecked. Hence it is with a noble cause our chit company is started and this will go in a longway in nation building through the self employment oppurtunities provided overtly and convertly. I wish all the best to all the legitimate business of our chit company and a prosperous future to our subscribers.

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